AquaViva Fit 60+ Coming Soon!

No more compromises, no more trade-offs! AquaViva Fit 60+ is the right course for you: a functional fitness program in the water to get you stronger, more mobile, and increase your stamina in a Low Impact environment that's easy on your joints!

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Improve your Mobility

build Your Strength

increase your stamina

Protect Your Joints

Hi, I'm Justin

Canadian-born and raised, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics (the study of human movement) from the University of Ottawa.

For more than 15 years, I designed and instructed countless water aerobics, water resistance, and water therapy classes that are functional and effective for optimal physical health outcomes. And today, I'm here to help you along your journey with AquaViva Fitness!

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Why AquaViva Fitness?

Water is the perfect environment for a workout that's easy on your joints.
My program will help you improve your functional fitness level so you can continue being active with your friends and family! Water-based exercise can be tailored to anyone looking for a functional and effective workout - from beginner to advanced. I'll teach you all the right moves!

AquaViva Fit 60+ - Coming soon!

I'm on a mission to help you achieve your fitness goals! My upcoming 12-week program will show you all the right moves designed to be highly effective and easy to follow along. Keep consistent and you'll see initial results in as little as two weeks: noticeable improvements in strength, stamina, and mobility!

increasE mobility

Active movement in the water has been shown to be an effective way to increase joint range-of-motion and muscle flexibility. 

Build strength

The natural properties of water provide exercise resistance, similar to the gym. The resistance such as downward movements against buoyancy strengthen muscle and bone.

Build stamina

Water aerobics exercises build your stamina. By increasing your aerobic output in the water, you'll help strengthen your heart and lungs for everyday living.

manage pain

The water provides a natural cushioning for your joints and helps to reduce physical pain while you workout.

improve balance

Moving through water requires more effort, engaging your stabilizing muscles such as your abdominals and spine-supporting back muscles necessary for good balance.

Low impact on joints

The buoyancy and cushioning properties of water is the best place for your joints during exercise. It's low impact without sacrificing a good workout!

My 12-Week Program: AquaViva Fit 60+

In my 12-Week Program: AquaViva Fit 60+, I'll show you all the right moves to get you off the ground and into the pool in no time! Designed for adults 60+ and low-impact on joints, my program will guide you through your journey toward optimal physical fitness. Get stronger, more mobile, increase stamina, improve balance, and feeling great all while protecting your joints in a low-impact water environment!

My program is adaptable to your level of fitness and swimming ability. Each exercise routine will be demonstrated by simple and easy-to-follow instructional videos you can watch before you hit the pool. Print the supplemental PDFs to bring to the poolside for quick exercise and instructional reminders while you're in the pool. I've designed this program with simplicity in mind to make your workout fun and stress-free!
Stick with my program and I guarantee you'll see desired results in as little as two weeks with friends and family wanting to know your secret!

Get Stronger

Use the natural properties of water to build your strength similar to weight-bearing exercises while remaining low impact on your bones & joints.

Positive Results in 2-Weeks

You'll notice positive results in as little as two weeks when you stick to my program. And all I ask is for your commitment to three 45-minute workouts per week!

Build Stamina

Improve your cardiovascular endurance in the water with aerobics training principles while remaining low impact on your joints.

What My Clients Are Saying...

"I can travel more ever since I started doing Justin's aquafit class"

I noticed my fitness level skyrocket and every class builds my strength. I can travel more with confidence ever since I started doing Justin's aquafit classes because I can move better and have more strength.


"He is very knowledgeable about the human body"

Justin has helped me re-gain strength, mobility, better balance, and overall level of fitness. He is very knowledgeable about the human body and understands the intricacies of exercise movements in the water. Thank you Justin!


"You'll absolutely love it because you'll see results fast!"

Don't hesitate to follow Justin's program. You'll absolutely love it because you'll see results fast! Justin understands how to motivate people and he loves teaching fitness and therapy in the water.



Justin is an excellent instructor. He brings passion and motivation to every class! He's very knowledgeable too. I know you'll love his new program!

AquaViva Fit 60+ Program Overview

Weeks 1-4

Part 1: Foundations
  • Let's begin with the basics and build the foundation
  • Introduction to my foundational low-impact aqua fitness exercises
  • Program Structure: Detailed 45-minute workouts x 3-days per week

Weeks 5-8

Part 2: Crank it Up!
  • Building upon the basics & adding workout intensity for positive adaptation
  • Expanding upon the introductory low-impact aqua fitness exercises with added variations and optional equipment
  • Program Structure: New routine with 45-minute workouts x 3-days per week

Weeks 9-12

Part 3: Graduation
  • A well rounded workout routine to challenge you 
  • Routine focusing on a series of exercises in a circuit-style workout that's more advanced (but still adaptable)
  • Program Structure: New routine with 45-minute workouts x 3-days per week

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What Makes My Program Different

I understand how the human body needs to keep moving. Movement is paramount for a healthy body and as we age, movement becomes increasingly precious.
Our joints work hard for us and as the years pass, movement can become challenged, often leading us to a more sedentary life.
Water-based exercise helps eliminate the tradeoff between the demand on our joints and functional fitness. My program is designed with both in mind: a safe and easy environment on your joints without sacrificing a great workout!

Frequently asked questions

I'm not a good swimmer - can I still do the program?

Yes you can. My program is for mid-waste depth and not in the deep end of the pool. You can also choose to wear a buoyancy aid like a belt for added safety.

Why the water versus on land?

The water is a cushioning workout environment that reduces impact on bones and joints. Water-based workouts are effective and help eliminate the risk of joint injury.

When will your course be available?

I'm currently building interest in my program. My program is aimed to launch by Spring 2025.

How long have you been teaching water aerobics and water therapy courses?

I have taught aqua fitness and aqua therapy programs for more than 15 years. My experience ranges from class instruction to 1-on-1 personal training sessions. 

Chlorinated water makes my skin dry. Do you have any tips to help with dry skin afterwards?

Some pools use salt water which tends to be better on your skin. You may consider looking for local pool facilities that are salt water. Special moisturizing soap when you shower afterwards is also a good idea, followed by a thick body moisturizer. Water-based exercises can also be done in natural bodies of water as well as natural pools.

What if I have specific questions about the exercises? How can I contact you?

You are welcome to email me anytime with any questions you might have. Feel free to email me at

Is your program doable for all fitness levels? 

It sure is! You can increase or decrease your workout intensity by simply lowering the speed of movement in the water. In the water, the faster you move, the more resistance you'll encounter and that can be dialed down to a more manageable pace. 

I don't have a pool at home. Where can I do your program?

That's not a problem. You likely have a community pool in your local area. Find out what times are available for public leisure swims (note: it might be a good idea to call and find out what times are available to do exercises on your own).

I have a knee replacement (or hip replacement). Are there precautions to take?

It's always a good idea to first check with your doctor and make sure you are cleared for any exercise program. The water is in fact the best place to workout if you have any artificial joints as the environment will be low-impact. 

I have a heart condition. Are there precautions I should take?

Be sure to first check with your doctor before starting any workout program. Community pools have lifeguards on duty who are trained in first aid, CPR, and defibrillation. Typically, the water is a cooler workout environment that helps to keep heart rate lower as you workout too!